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MINI Lamb and white fish, cold pressed dry food with probiotics 5kg

Yoggies dry food cold pressed with lamb and white fishCold-pressed dry food are the top of the market and a new trend for healthy dog ​​feeding. Thanks to the content of...Full description
15,70 €
MINI Lamb and white fish, cold pressed dry food with probiotics 5kg
MINI Lamb and white fish, cold pressed dry food with probiotics 5kgMINI Lamb and white fish, cold pressed dry food with probiotics 5kg

Detailed description

Yoggies dry food cold pressed with lamb and white fish

Cold-pressed dry food are the top of the market and a new trend for healthy dog ​​feeding. Thanks to the content of lactobacilli, they have a probiotic effect and maintain a healthy dog's immune system. High-quality, coarsely ground dried raw meat (no meat and bone meal, etc.), herbs, fruit and fiber have a great, natural smell and taste for dogs, as well as a prebiotic effect. It supports intestinal peristalsis and thereby cleans the dog's digestive system of unnecessary deposits and harmful substances from food. The dry food contains 85% of high-quality raw meat (before slow drying) and, thanks to this, they are a high-quality and healthy food for dogs in general. Yoggies dry food with lactobacilli are developed as prey in nature "All Life Stages" and therefore you can feed them to young dogs as well as adults and seniors. THIS PACKAGE HAS REGULAR SIZE DRY FOOD - suitable for dogs of medium and larger breeds.

Lamb meat & white fish - a great combination of high-quality proteins and natural fat

Therefore, so that dogs do not suffer from digestive problems, do not get sick from the unnecessary chemistry used in regular feed, and that they are fed healthily and without unnecessary chemistry, we have developed recipes of cold-pressed dry food with the taste and smell of high-quality and natural raw materials in such a way as to simulate this food. prey dog ​​in nature.

That is why the dry food are guaranteed to be gluten-free, soy-free and without any chemicals, full of natural vitamins, herbs and a balanced content of lamb meat, white fish meat and mussel meat extract to strengthen tendons and joints. Yoggies cold-pressed dry food taste great to dogs and are extremely healthy for their digestive system and overall development and fit life.

Main raw materials:

Yoggies lamb pellets are quality lamb and white fish meat (no meat and bone meal). Thanks to these main ingredients, the dry food is perfectly digestible and can be used after consultation with a veterinarian for various problems in dogs, such as diabetes, problems with digestion, liver, kidneys even with various diets.


• The raw materials are "coarsely" ground. The dry food also have a prebiotic effect supporting intestinal peristalsis and at the same time this helps to clean the intestinal wall from harmful deposits and possible parasites

• The cold pressing process (up to 38 ° C) preserves important nutrients in an unchanged form!

• They are well digested and do not swell (dissolve in the stomach). This reduces the risk of stomach torsion!

• Dry food Yoggies contain up to 85% quality meat (before drying). This makes them the market leader

• Lactobacilli maintain a balanced immune system and a healthy digestive tract of the dog!

• "All Life Stages" - for puppies, adults and older dogs as food in nature. You only need to adjust the feed dose!

• Thanks to their hardness, the cold-pressed dry food mechanically clean the dog's teeth and help remove tartar

• Thanks to their hardness, Yoggies kibbles give dogs the pleasure of crunching as if they were crunching a bone!


They are made exclusively from high-quality raw materials, which are slowly dried, ground and pressed into dry food (palettes) in several stages. Lactobacilli support immunity and a healthy digestive tract, which also prebiotically cleans the dry food from deposits. They are perfectly digestible and do not swell. This makes them easier for the dog to digest.

Their nutritional value is recalculated so that the feed ration is suitable for small, medium and large breeds and possibly puppies that can be supplemented as needed.

If you use Yoggies cold-pressed pellets to feed your dog, then you can be sure that you are giving him one of the best quality feeds on the market, even according to veterinarians. By doing so, you help prevent the risk of many diseases from inappropriate and unhealthy feeding, as well as gastric torsion (Yoggies dry food do not swell in the dog's stomach)

Storage: Store in a cool and dry place. Do not seal in airtight containers.

Quality guarantee: Dry food Yoggies are made from quality and fresh ingredients. We guarantee that their composition does not contain any meat-and-bone meal, animal by-products, gluten, soy or chemical preservatives and flavorings. That's why Yoggies dry food try to bring their composition and taste closer to natural food from nature.


What are cold-pressed dry food with lactobacilli admixture:

Common dry food today is produced by the extrusion process. This is a process in which a dough (similar to pâté) is first made from various raw materials, which then goes through an extrusion process, where water is removed thanks to high pressure and a temperature of up to 200°C. Unfortunately, most of the natural nutrients and vitamins are destroyed during this process. These important nutrients can then only be added to the dry food in a single, unfortunately chemical, way.

Cold-pressed Yoggies dry food are closer to nature in taste and smell. Right from the factory, they retain their natural taste, aroma and nutritional value thanks to cold pressing (up to 38°C). The raw materials are carefully selected, dried, ground and then only pressed into the form of dry food. Yoggies dry food have a natural nutritional composition obtained from the raw materials used for production. They contain meat, fruit, herbs, substances beneficial for the development and vitality of the dog, as well as an admixture of live lactobacilli. These will support the intestinal microflora in the dog's body, strengthen the immunity and the future good health of the dog and the satisfaction of the breeder.


Packed ECOLOGICALLY in a recyclable paper bag.


Composition:► The content of meat in dry food corresponds to 85% of meat in non-dried form.
(Example: how a bowl of balanced BARF would have 85% quality meat)

Lamb meat dried ground 15%
Ground dried rumen of wild animals 12%
White fish meat, dried, minced 8%
Dried, ground liver 4%
Gelatin powder
Dried, ground seaweed
Easily digestible potato flakes 15%
A mixture of vegetables (chicory, celery, Swiss chard, shepherd's pie, parsley root) 4.5%
Cold-pressed rapeseed oil
Mixture of herbs for dogs (fennel, nettle, dandelion, cumin, chamomile, thyme, raspberry leaves, blackberry leaves, gentian) 3%
Beet slices, dried, ground
Fish oil
Dried peat 2%
Dried, ground blueberries
Yucca Schidigera, dried, ground
Lactobacilli – Lactobacillus acidophilus, Streptococcus thermophilus...
Analytical ingredients:Crude protein 24.5%
Crude fat 9.5%
Crude fiber 5%
Coarse ash 6%
Calcium 1.3%
Phosphorus 1.1%

Vitamins and trace elements (per kg):
Vitamin A – 11,000 IU
Vitamin D3 – 1,100 iE
Vitamin E – 200 mg
Vitamin B1 – 4 mg
Vitamin B2 – 8 mg
Vitamin B6 – 4.8 mg
Vitamin B12 – 48 µg
Biotin B7 – 252 µg
Folic acid B9 – 0.4 mg
Niacin B3 – 24.1 mg
Vitamin C – 140 mg
Pantothenic acid B5 – 8 mg
Choline chloride B4 – 1,200 mg

Trace elements:
Manganese – 48 mg
Copper – 10 mg
Zinc – 65 mg
Iodine – 1.6 mg

Good digestibility and an energy level of 367 kcal/100g is achieved even without the addition of sugar and starches. 
Dosage:We recommend choosing the ideal feed dose for your dog according to its age, body weight and activity. We assume that each breeder sets the feed dose individually according to the needs of his dog, and therefore the values in the feed dose calculator are only indicative and recommended.


The recommended basic ration per day is 1.2% of the dog's body weight (for dogs with low daily activity). Normal and higher activity of your dog deserves a feed dose of 1.8% - 2.5% of the dog's body weight according to the physical load. The recommended doses are indicative. The actual need for food may depend on the activity and age of the dog. Do not forget that each dog must always have a sufficient amount of fresh water available. 
Metabolizable energy:3670 kcal/kg
storing conditions:Store in a dry place in a cooler place. Do not store in airtight containers for a long time.


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